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Reports and Objectives Tracking in TAM - 12/1/2015

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Upcoming Virtual Education

DEC 2015

Reports and Objectives Tracking in TAM

Presenter: Sue Good

What 3 questions must be asked and answered when running reports? How can I use TAM to track: Agency Growth, Receivable Management, New Business, Lost Business, Retention, Customer and Policy Counts per Producer or CSR, Premium/Commission Volume per Producer or CSR.

DEC 2015

Personality: It's More Than an Excuse: Part 1

Presenter: Sara Bradshaw Ray

In Part 1 we will discuss the “square peg in a round hole” paradigm often seen in our agencies. Identify and discuss the 4 key personality indicators. Identify and discuss common blends of personalities. in Part 2 apply knowledge of behavioral profiling to personnel management. Apply knowledge of behavioral profiling to the hiring process. Apply knowledge of behavioral profiling to the sales process. Apply the knowledge of behavioral profiling to customer service.

DEC 2015

TAM Cleanup: Quality Assurance Auditing

Presenter: Lisa Burnside

Possess enhanced awareness of the need for Quality Assurance Auditing. Create an audit plan that is flexible in its demands on the time of the auditor, and why such flexibility is crucial for any plan to succeed for any extended period of time. Identify the importance of keeping respect for staff members being audited as a top priority during every phase of the planning.

DEC 2015

Personality: It's Much More Than An Excuse: Part 2

Presenter: Sara Bradshaw Ray

Equipped with the knowledge, and a bit of practical personal experience of studying your own personality, much can be applied to all types of relationships at home, at the office and even across the desk. The second session of the series will focus on applying the knowledge of behavior profiling concepts to a variety of situations we all find ourselves in. It will answer questions regarding some breakdowns in previous communications and/or relationships, and likely will keenly prepare you for success ahead if properly studied and applied.

Click here to view a short video presentation regarding the series.


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