About Applied Client Network

Applied Client Network exists to help the clients of Applied navigate the solutions and technology better. We believe in empowering the Applied users of any products to realize better results for their organization and that is why our mission is to educate the agencies and brokerages that are powered by Applied solutions and products and the education and resources they need, no matter their role or system.

How We Got Here

In the mid-1980s, a small group of insurance agents came together with one thing in common — they were all automating their offices with The Agency Manager (TAM), a solution from Applied Systems. It was a dramatic technological revolution in the insurance industry — the group realized there was a comfort and advantage in even knowing that others were facing the same challenges. It was then that the user community, now known as Applied Client Network, was formed. Through common challenges and a growing strength in numbers, Applied Client Network has become a go-to spot to communicate common needs, questions and concerns to positively impact the development and support of Applied Systems' products and solutions portfolio.

Today, Applied has grown and adapted to meet the needs of their clients and so we too have grown and adapted to meet the needs of the end users of these systems. Applied Client Network is proud to represent tens of thousands insurance professionals, in agencies and brokerages, across North America and globally.

Helping to meet those needs and serve as the voice of the user community, Applied Client Network is governed by our Board of Directors. The Board of Applied Client Network serves the needs of the community, under the organization’s bylaws. Interested in knowing more? Check out our current Board of Directors.

Ready to join Applied Client Network? Your team will be glad you did. 

Join ACN

Whether you are looking for more information about joining or a current member in search of answers, we want to hear from you. Please contact us our staff team at info@appliedclientnetwork.org.