Membership in Applied Client Network empowers business results.

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate. The needs of your customers are changing, with service standards higher than ever before. Now more than ever, it’s critical that agencies and brokerages stay ahead of the competition.

That’s where membership with Applied Client Network (ACN) comes in. With the collective knowledge and experience of more than 150,000 Applied users worldwide, we are your everyday source of peer support that helps your agency or brokerage leverage the power of Applied technology to drive efficiency and value.

So, how will ACN drive your technology success? Listen to our members.

An Applied Client Membership gives you: 

  • Access to an expansive collection of peer-led webinars featuring the latest on market insights and product updates from Applied Systems (included in the cost of membership!)
  • Exclusive member savings for Applied Net, the world’s largest meeting of independent insurance agents and brokers
  • The opportunity to engage with other Applied Systems users about your toughest challenges through 24/7 discussion forums
  • 50+ local chapters, where you can build deeper relationships with industry leaders and peers through in-person meetings
  • Volunteer opportunities that allow you to voice product feedback and requests directly to Applied Systems

Choose your membership type.

+ Advantage (User) Membership

Applied Client Network membership covers users of products such as Applied Epic, Applied TAM, CSR24, Applied Mobile, Applied MobileInsured, and Applied Analytics. This membership category is for agencies and brokerages using software from Applied Systems. Whether you are a principal at a small office in California or the CSR for a larger brokerage in Canada, the many programs Applied Client Network offers can benefit nearly any position in your team. Membership is issued to the agency or brokerage office location, so a membership fee for each individual user is not required—one low fee covers all licensed users in your office location.

Applied Client Network Basic Members are eligible to upgrade to Advantage membership at any time. Contact for additional details

Note - If your agency or brokerage has multiple locations, each office location is required to have its own membership account. Have more than 125+ licenses total across all of your office locations? Contact for Enterprise pricing.

Current Dues Structure (based on number of terminals)

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+ Chapter Membership

Applied Client Network currently counts 50 local chapters across the United States and Canada. Chapter dues vary by the local chapter and are set by the local chapter officers. To belong to a local chapter, your agency or brokerage must have User Membership. Chapter members are added to an online chapter community and receive free or reduced rates to chapter meetings. See the pricing for each chapter here

+ ACNUK Membership

All users of Applied Systems Software automatically enrolled as Associate Members of ACNUK and will receive regular communications from ACNUK. They will have limited access to the community forum and will need to pay for training and conferences. ACNUK also offers an Executive level membership, which includes an extensive package of membership benefits that can generate savings of over £700. Learn more about ACNUK Membership here

+ Associate Memberships 

For industry members who are not Applied product end users. We offer associate member types which allow you to connect and participate with our community. Click the membership type to learn more.

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+ Insurance Carrier Associate Membership

The Company Membership category has been designed to offer Insurance Carriers the opportunity to join our organization and promote their download, real-time, & automated data exchange solutions. The business of selling insurance is in many ways a three way partnership between the independent agency, the insurance company and the provider of automation in the agency. Company membership at Applied Client Network provides open communication between all three parties.

Insurance Carrier Associate Membership dues: $995 annually
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+ General Associate Membership

Applied Client Network is pleased to offer a membership designed specifically to give third party vendors the opportunity to participate in our international organization. This membership is geared toward vendors in an insurance or automation related position whose business is the sale, marketing or promotion of insurance products or accessory line of products services to insurance agents and brokers. As a member you will have access to Applied Net Conference discounts, local chapter membership eligibility, community forums, your company listing on our website, networking opportunities and more.

General Associate Membership dues: $995 annually
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+ Consultant Associate Membership

This membership is offered to technical personnel and automation consultants whose business provides technical and automation related services for hardware & software used by insurance agents and brokers. As a member you will have access to Applied Net Conference discounts, local chapter membership eligibility, community forums, your company listing on our web site, networking opportunities and more.

  • Educational Presentations (including Chapter presentations) – As a valuable member benefit, Consultant Associate Members:
    • Have the opportunity to submit abstracts and present at Applied Net as well as at Chapter meetings and events at no charge.
    • Are eligible to receive an honorarium in connection with presentations at Applied Net and Chapter meetings and events.
    • Complimentary listing in our new online speaker database that will serve as the central repository for Applied Client Network Chapter leaders to source content for meetings. The speaker database is targeted for launch in early 2018. This is an exclusive member benefit!
    • * If an abstract submitted by a non-member is selected for presentation at Applied Net or another event, the non-member speaker will be required to submit a $795 speaking fee (regardless of number of sessions presented). With limited exception, honorariums will only be paid to Consultant Associate Members.
  • Consultant Associate Membership dues: $995 annually

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