Skilled in 60 Minutes - Boost Your TAM Reporting & Analysis Skills (Part 1 or 2)

When:  Nov 11, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM (BST)
Associated with  ACNUK Community

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Online Instructions:
Reports are the backbone of any TAM broker system. Reports let you know not only how your brokerage is performing, but in what direction it is going.

It is also important to note that the data you get out of the system is only as good as the information entered into it and reports will also tell you if your data is accurate and how your staff are doing.

With the amount of content we are looking to cover this course will be delivered over two sessions.

Session 1: Will cover how to use reports to audit your TAM system and provide an overview of TAM SQL reporting capabilities.

Session 2: Will cover using the reporting extra criteria options and Excel pivot tables.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A better understanding of how the TAM database is structured, the types of data, and where to find it.
  • Distinguish which report to use in which situation.
  • Identify the different criteria in these reports.
  • Identify what reports can be used to audit your system to housekeep your data.
  • Examine and be able to assess the database for accuracy and spot trends.
  • Create User Reports to be run on a regular basis for auditing.
  • Format Excel Data for a Pivot Table.
  • Take data from your Management System to Excel and manipulate it into meaningful information.
  • Using Excel to see how easy it is to drag and drop data in Columns, Rows, Values and Filters to build tables and reflect a different view of the same data.
  • Introduction to SQL Reports and how you can look to advance your skills to the next level.