Peer-To-Peer: How To Use Behavioral Insight To Manage Time Effectively And Create A Productive Atmos

When:  Nov 12, 2019 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (CT)

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Wondering how you and/or your team can be more productive? Having trouble managing your time? Productivity and time management go hand in hand, just do a quick search and you will yield thousands of results with tips and hacks. So why hasn’t everyone caught on and become a master time managing productivity guru? In this session you will learn to understand your personal behavioral traits and how you can leverage them to better manage your time and achieve your productivity goals.

Skill level: Basic
Product: All
Target Audience: Operations
Presenter: Tonya DeVane, The Omnia Group
Length: 60 minutes
Price: FREE for Applied Client Network Members