Applied Client Network Member Stories

Find out what current members value most from their Applied Client Network membership.

Andrew Supeck, The Seltzer Group, Director of IT

Member since 1997

Andrew Supeck is Director of IT at The Seltzer Group, where he is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the agency and on-boarding of agency acquisitions. He credits his Applied Client Network membership — especially the connections he has made — for making a significant difference in his career. “Shortly after I was hired at Seltzer, I attended an Applied Net conference on technology used in agencies and focused on how to get your technology up to speed. Within a year of that conference,” Supeck says, “We streamlined our technology equipment and enhanced our customer experience.” Read More

Kimberly Champion, ACBI Insurance, Systems Administrator

Member since 2003

Kimberly Champion is a Systems Administrator at ACBI Insurance where she oversees the agency’s Applied management system and ancillary software products, making sure all are updated and optimizing solutions. She also writes workflows, provides training, audits results, coordinates technology needs such as VoIP phones, IT services and imaging solutions. Champion maintains the blog and social media and most recently, has been spending her time as project lead preparing for migration to Applied Epic. Champion is grateful for the outstanding education she has received through the agency’s Applied Client Network membership.
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Deb Wentworth, Clark Insurance, Vice President

Member since 2010

Deb Wentworth is Vice President, Business and Employee Benefits Services at Clark Insurance, where she provides direction and support including personnel and administration needs, training topics, insurance carrier marketing updates, intranet management, procedure and operation direction and even serves as an account manager when needed. Clark Insurance has been a member of Applied Client Network for seven years, and Wentworth says they’re here to stay. “Right now, I’m finding the discussion forums the most valuable piece of our membership, because of the opportunity to have so many interactions with so many different people.” Read More

Lori Heemstra, BHS Insurance, Commercial Lines Coordinator

Member since 1997

Lori Heemstra is Commercial Lines Coordinator at BHS Insurance, where she oversees the commercial account managers and support staff, trains new and existing staff, coordinates technology and develops consistent professional standards. She says participating in Applied Client Network – the only independent global user community for Applied Systems – has been key to her professional growth. “Getting more involved with Applied Client Network has allowed me to grow my confidence and my leadership abilities,” Heemstra says. “I’m not sure how I’d be the person I am today without it. I have 28 staff members that I take care of, and I think they’ve noticed the change as well. Applied Client Network helped me become a better Lori for the agency.” Read More

Casey Hearring, Schultheis Insurance Agency, Systems Administrator

Member since 2011

Casey Hearring is Systems Administrator at Schultheis Insurance Agency, where she is responsible for ensuring smooth sailing with Applied Epic. “Applied Epic is all I do,” Hearring says. “I came to the agency at the time it was transitioning from another product to Applied Epic.” She remembers all the tools that Applied Systems taught them when they were learning how to use Applied Epic, but realized there were certain tips they could only get from people who have used the product themselves. Enter the Applied Client Network discussion forums. “The Applied Systems sales staff got us hooked up with Applied Client Network during our migration. We wanted to be able to talk to other users who had come from the system that we were on previously and were now going to Applied Epic. We were able to reach out to them through the discussion forums to get feedback on what they experienced during the migration process." Read More

John Gage, Knight Insurance Group, Chief Information Officer

Member since 1997

John Gage is Chief Information Officer at the Knight Insurance Group and the self described, “Computer geek who knows Applied TAM really well.” His responsibilities include data security, user training, network support and desktop/server support. The agency, one of the first ever to purchase Applied TAM, has been a member of Applied Client Network since before Gage joined the Knight team 20 years ago. “I don’t know that everyone appreciates it, but the number one benefit of being an Applied Client Network member is the discussion forums.” Read More