ABOUT Applied client network

Innovating the business of insurance, together

Applied Client Network is a professional network of insurance professionals worldwide that are focused on driving system utilization to increase agency/brokerage value for the next generation of insurance.

As the only independent global user community for Applied Systems, Applied Client Network provides users education, industry advocacy, peer-to-peer networking and direct product influence with Applied Systems to help you achieve better business results.


Applied Client Network is committed to leading insurance business practices through education and advocacy. In adhering to this goal, we drive system utilization to increase agency value. This is achieved by a dedication to membership growth, enhancing educational offerings to meet our members’ diverse needs and maintaining chapter support and guidance.


In the mid 1980's, a small group of insurance agents came together with one thing in common -- they were all automating their offices with Applied Systems' The Agency Manager (TAM). It was a dramatic technological revolution in the insurance industry, and there was great comfort in knowing others were experiencing the same challenges. Through our strength in numbers, we were able to communicate common needs and concerns to positively influence the development and support of Applied Systems Software.