Introducing the All Access Webinar Pass

What is the All Access Webinar Pass?

The All-Access Webinar Pass will provide your agency or brokerage access to ALL 2018 course webinars for an unlimited amount of employees at your company.  Without the pass, the course webinars both live and on-demand will remain as an à la carte offering at $79 per person, per webinar.

The All-Access Webinar Pass pricing is associated with your Applied Client Network membership type. This one-time cost is for all 2018 course webinar offerings. Pricing is as follow:

  • Licensed User Membership* (1-24 Terminals): $199
  • Licensed User Membership* (25-49 Terminals): $399
  • Licensed User Membership* (50+ Terminals): $799

How does it work?

By purchasing the All-Access Webinar Pass, everyone in your Applied Client Network group membership will immediately have access to all upcoming course webinars for the entire year. The webinar registration process will remain the same, but all 2018 webinars will appear as a $0 cost. This includes access to both live and 2018 on-demand course webinars. 

How can I add this pass to my membership?

If you are the primary contact, you can add this on to your membership by taking the following steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Select Options > My Group, in the upper right corner of the website
  3. Select the “Membership” tab and click the button with three dots next to “Profile”
  4. Select “Add Membership Package(s)”
  5. Choose the “All-Access Webinar Pass” from the drop-down menu
  6. Click OK to purchase

If you are not the primary contact, please reach out to with the subject line “All-Access Webinar Pass” to receive an invoice for your agency or brokerage’s membership. 

What forms of payment does Applied Client Network accept?

You may pay by check, payable to Applied Client Network, or with a credit card online (MasterCard, VISA or American Express). If you wish to pay by wire transfer, please contact

Does this include On-Demand Webinars?

The All-Access Pass will include access to all 2018 On-Demand course webinars. It will not include On-Demand webinars from 2017.

Does this include peer-to-peer or partner webinars?

Peer-to-Peer and partner webinars will continue to be free to all Applied Client Network members, regardless of the All-Access Webinar Pass.

Is there a list of 2018 Course Webinars available?

Webinars are posted 1-2 months before they take place on our Live Webinars page. There are usually 2-4 course webinars offered each month. For an idea of what was offered in 2017, please view our On-Demand Webinars page. At Applied Client Network, we are always adding new content and adapting to your needs, so there is not a full list of 2018 webinars available at this time, but I assure you that upcoming webinar offerings will be educational and useful for your entire team.

Hurry and take advantage of this great new offering from Applied Client Network! Have more questions? Contact us at


*Refunds for previously purchased webinars (live and/or on demand) will not be credited toward the purchase price of the All Access Webinar Pass.

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