Applied Client Network: Best of 2017

From a successful Leadership Academy to our first-ever TAM Week, here are some of the biggest highlights of 2017.

By Amber Bosma, Chair, Applied Client Network

Each New Year brings new experiences and possibilities. I am excited about everything Applied Client Network has planned for its members and Applied Systems users in 2018, but the New Year is also about reflection. It’s a time to remember where we have come from to properly see and appreciate where we’re headed.

Each January, it’s important to take stock of the past year, and to that end, here are a few of the biggest Applied Client Network highlights from 2017:

2017 Leadership Academy

The 2017 Leadership Academy was a huge success with chapter leaders from across the globe including the United States, Canada and the UK. The Leadership Academy is always an opportunity for chapter leaders and representatives to come together and learn about how to run their chapters more efficiently, receive the latest and greatest learning opportunities, build enduring professional relationships and — the most important part — have fun in the process.

We had an exceptional keynote presentation from Affinity HR President, Claudia St. John, who spoke on the importance of understanding the behavioral styles of your team and chapter and how it may affect the workplace. It was a successful event, and we look forward to seeing even more chapter leaders at the Leadership Academy in Charleston this year.

Membership and Community Growth

Whenever I meet with Applied Client Network members, they say one of the biggest benefits of membership is the user forums. And it’s not just an anecdote — the numbers back it up.

In 2017, we had 5,500+ questions answered in the user forums. The true value of Applied Client Network is in the collective knowledge of the group, and the user forums give us all an opportunity to ask our simplest or most puzzling questions to a trusted community of people with the same challenges and triumphs. We are all here to help each other, and the user forums are a shining example of how we share our experiences and connect across the world every day.

First-Ever TAM Week

In December 2017, we held our first-ever TAM Week to highlight this segment of our membership. Throughout the week, we held six webinars focused on TAM user questions, information and insights, and they were made available to all members for free through the end of the month. In total, we engaged hundreds of members throughout the week and saw the unique power of users coming together as a single voice representing the Applied Client Network community.

We were excited about TAM Week, so much so that we’re not only planning to do it again in 2018, but also planning an Epic Week and an Extended Solutions Week this year. The timing for both is still being solidified, but we see this as an opportunity to give each group a space to celebrate their expertise and accomplishments with their respective solutions each year.

Applied Net 2017

As always, Applied Net is our most important event of the year, and we had more than 3,400 attendees last year, making it the largest event in our history.

Applied Net 2017 featured a keynote from Applied Systems CEO, Reid French, who spoke about the state of the industry and what digital transformation (the theme for the conference) really means for independent agencies and brokerages. Then we heard from Applied Client Network CEO, Brian Langerman, on the vision of the future for the organization. Finally, Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, discussed how customer services, company culture and community are powerful drivers and ultimately measures of success for your business.

It was an incredibly successful event, and we’re hard at work planning Applied Net 2018; feel free to drop us a line if you have feedback or ideas on what to include this year.

Expanding Education

Our year-round education program was a significant priority for 2017 as well as one of the key tenants of the organization, and our education committee really hit it out of the park. Last year, we offered more than 50 live online learning opportunities and engaged thousands of members to learn more about Applied Systems technologies.

We’re looking to do and offer even more in 2018, so make sure you’re checking your emails for webinar updates and other learning opportunities.

More Traveling and More Connecting

In 2017, CEO Brian Langerman and I made a point to visit as many chapters in person as possible. The ability to connect with chapter leaders in a more personal way is instrumental in helping us understand the needs of each chapter and how Applied Client Network can serve them better.

We had many enlightening conversations with chapter leaders and representatives, and we plan to keep that dialogue moving forward in 2018.

Most Importantly… All of You!

Our members are simply the best. We have robust commitment from volunteers on our committees, helpful members commenting on the forums regularly and new users starting to dig into Applied Client Network to see what we have to offer.

We are so thankful for each of you; our mission is to serve you as best as we possibly can by investing in our shared future with insurance technology. We are here as a resource, a partner and a friend in your journey with Applied Systems, and 2018 is going to be a truly special year — stay tuned!

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