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It’s that time of the year again. The time to reflect on the value Applied Client Network has provided to each of us throughout the year.  We’ve added new tools to help develop your career, provided essential networking opportunities and launched industry thought leadership

Our Applied Client Network community represents more than 150,000 Applied customers, all of whom benefit greatly from being a member of Applied Client Network. Through a new or renewed membership, you have access to an abundance of tools and an innovative community who stand behind you, 150,000 strong.  Here is a snapshot of the benefits our members receive:

  • Chapter Meetings: Your membership with Applied Client Network gives you access to an Applied Client Network Chapter in your area. Chapter meetings provide an in person, local forum for the sharing of ideas and experiences with fellow users.
  • Interactive Educational Learning Opportunities: Thousands of Community members have benefited and participated in our more than 50+ interactive learning opportunities to drive value and efficiencies within their agency or brokerage. Through our peer-to-peer webinars and live-courses, employees are introduced to new technology, learn new skills, and maintain awareness of industry updates.
  • Access to Forums: As Applied Client Network members, you have access to our members 24-7 through our online discussion forums. Drive your agency forward by using our on-demand forums to ask your software and insurance questions and learn about best practices from other members.
  • TAM User Week, December 4-8, 2017: New this year, we are celebrating TAM User Week. To help serve our TAM users, we are providing fun giveaways, new content and educational experiences. Sign up today!
  • Discount to Applied Net: Applied Net is where thousands of Community members, agencies and brokerages from around the globe gather and discuss best practices. Our new and renewed members will receive a $150 registration discount.
  • Connections: Stay on Trend. Connections is the official members-only publication for Applied Client Network. Learn about the latest insurance industry trends and leverage this information to help your agency/brokerage prosper.

At Applied Client Network, we’re doing more and more for our members every year. Now is the time to join or renew your membership. We’ve made it easy to click the “renew” button on your computers or smartphones. Simply click the “Join Applied Client Network” button on our Types of Membership page. That way you’ll continue to receive the unique benefits that only Applied Client Network can provide. 

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1 Comment

Love the Applied Client Network!

December 6, 2017 01:50 PM by Kristine Audette

Thank you for another great year of meetings, Applied Net, Forums and all you have to offer!!!

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