Q&A with Top Contributor, Deborah Wentworth

Deborah Wentworth, CPCU, AAI, Vice President, Clark Insurance 

Q: What is the biggest problem that the Applied Client Network forums have helped you solve?

A: Benefits and Licensing were  both obstacles for me when it came to configuration.  We started using Benefits when it rolled out in EPIC 16. I needed a lot of help to set up the forms and new custom screens.  I would send requests to the network asking how others are using different areas of the forms, how to set up the RFP, etc. The fact that others were struggling with the process made me feel better knowing we are not alone and that we would figure it out together.  Today we are using the Benefits application about 75% to its capacity. We still have a long way to go and I’m sure the network forum will be used more.

For Licensing, we currently manually track producer and agency licenses on a spreadsheet.  I went to the forum to ask how others are using EPIC to manage the licensing process. There were a number of suggestions and one that we are trying to implement now.  The help and suggestions I received will save me from using an outside vendor to manage this process which is our ultimate goal … to have all roads lead to epic…

Q: How has Applied Client Network helped you and your business?

A: I believe the network of users keeps our agency on the cutting edge. Changes and technology updates are available to us at our fingertips with a search of the network or a call to a network contact we have made.

Q: What tips do you have for others (perhaps someone new to the organization) to get the most out of Applied Client Network?   

A: Join a local or state chapter. We have meetings twice a year in Maine. The information that is shared in these meetings is excellent. I usually schedule time in the session for a roundtable discussion. Folks from all agencies bring their issues to the table and talk with others about how they have tackled the issue or how to resolve a problem. We train and share knowledge to help make each of our organizations more efficient.

Q: Have you ever attended Applied Net? If so, how many times and what did you find most useful from it?

A: I’ve been to three of the Applied Net conferences and I will be attending the 2017 conference. The roundtable discussions are very helpful; however, the best part of the meetings are making connections with other users so you have a person to call that does the same thing you do daily. They can help share info and ideas as well as offer suggestions. 

Q: What has been the most valuable benefit of being an Applied Client Network member?

A: The forums and connections I’ve made in the industry. The individuals on the forum are informed and very helpful; I find this one of the best features of the network! 

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