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7 Prospecting Tips to Generate Leads Fast

Lead GenerationWithout leads, you can’t make a sale. While the standard methods of prospecting in the insurance industry certainly work, in order to continue thriving — make that surviving — it is equally important to continually add new methods into your mix. If you find yourself stagnating, don’t throw your hands in the air and bemoan the fickle customers. The customer landscape is constantly changing, and that includes how they respond to prospecting techniques. Check out these seven modern lead generation tips; they may give you just the boost you need this year.

Content Marketing

You have to give to get. Gone are the days of “more, more, more” advertising: Here to stay is content marketing. Create something — be it a blog post, white paper, video — that people can use, and even potentially enjoy, and they will see your company favorably. One company created a video series answering people’s questions about insurance that bumped up the site’s website from 70 hits a week to more than 500 a week.

Buy a List

Sometimes, you need to spend a little to get a lot. Try purchasing leads from providers like InsuranceLeads or QuoteWizard Marketing, who will give you contact information in exchange for a fee. Be sure to ask about contracts, exclusive leads and the provider’s return policy before making your decision to buy.

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The Amazing Automated Agency

Competition has never been hotter in the insurance industry. Independent insurance agencies/brokerages must constantly evaluate new ways to increase sales and grow their business. With the insurance workforce promising to turn over in the near future, forward-thinking agencies/brokerages recognize the need to instill greater process and automation into their sales operations to bring new producers up to speed.

The value of using integrated sales tools allows for the agency/brokerage teams individually, and across the organization, to recognize internal areas of strength and opportunities where they can improve.

Undoubtedly, it is as important as ever for agencies/brokerages to serve their existing customers well. But broader economic and social shifts are driving businesses to evaluate and evolve their organizations to ensure they can pursue new business with the same level of attention, process and visibility.

Where we came from and where we go

To date, agents/brokers have used myriad methods for tracking prospects and new business opportunities outside of an agency management system, which vastly limits the ability of principals and managers to understand how well sales are progressing (or how they’re not). Separate data sources reduce management’s insight into the sales process and creates redundant work for producers and service staff who have to manually rekey the same information into two disparate systems. Leveraging software to drive sales automation is key to consistent and improved performance among new and seasoned salespeople.

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