Mrs. Jenifer Roughton


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I found my love for all things accounting while attending college and I took Accounting 101 because I needed another class.  From there you can say the rest is history!  I received my bachelor’s degree in Accounting and the search was on for a “real world” job.  After a few months I was offered a position as a bookkeeper for an insurance agency.  I graciously accepted and I have been in the insurance industry since 2006.  I was very fortunate to find an agency that let me grow in my career.  I had the best mentor possible and I was able to learn all about insurance accounting from her.  I have worked with four agencies in my career so far and each one has challenged me in different ways.  I am thankful for the people I have met along my journey.  People who challenge me, ones that make me think outside of the box and the ones who make me come outside of my comfort area. 

 My primary role within the agencies has been accounting, however I have worked in other areas.  I have handled HR, payroll, claims, reception, training and commercial lines.  By far my passion is accounting.  I love finding the pennies that are missing!  I cannot imagine not working in insurance – life would be boring!