Peer-to-Peer Connect

Welcome to Peer-to-Peer Connect

Exclusively for Advantage members, ACN Peer-to-Peer Connect is your opportunity to connect with your peers on specific topics to get your most pressing questions addressed. Each Connect will be hosted over Zoom, allowing you to be able see your peers and discuss questions live. 

Peer-to-Peer Connects will be hosted quarterly on a variety of topics related to Applied Epic and Applied TAM. Once a topic is announced, check this page for a submission form, where you will be able to answer questions and provide ideas to guide the discussion. 

Next Peer-to-Peer Connect: Reporting

November 17: Applied Epic
November 18: Applied TAM

Our inaugural Peer-to-Peer Connect will be on November 17 and 18 on the topic of Reporting. Do you have any questions or challenges when it comes to reporting in Applied Epic or TAM? Fill out the submission form below to let us know and provide ideas to help build the discussion on November 17 and 18.