ACN A-List

Join the Applied Client Network A-List

This is your Applied knowledge, Assessed and Awarded.

Welcome to Applied Client Network’s A-List, our new education program where you complete online sessions and earn badges to show that you are knowledgeable about your Applied Systems software! Exclusively for Advantage members, enhance your professional development and career through these learning journeys. Watch this tutorial video from ACN Board Member, Gillian Van Kempen to learn how to get started! 

What is Digital Badging?

Digital badges are an easy way to digitally record and share your knowledge with your peers. They show that you have taken a certain set of online sessions and are knowledgeable about that subject matter. Any badge that you earn can be shared on social media, with your LinkedIn connections and on resumes. 

Earning a Badge is as Easy as 1, 2, 3! 

  1. Navigate to the badge you want to earn.
  2. Complete each session in the badge track.
  3. After completing the final session, your badge will be added to your account! 

Are You Ready to Join the A-List?

Get started by learning more about each badge journey:
ACN_505954-20_DigitalBadges_TAM_Accounting.png ACN_505954-20_DigitalBadges_TAM_Reporting.png ACN_505954-20_DigitalBadges_TAM_Operations.png ACN_505954-20_DigitalBadges_Epic_Accounting.png ACN_505954-20_DigitalBadges_Epic_Reporting.png ACN_505954-20_DigitalBadges_Epic_Operations.png ACN_505954-20_DigitalBadges_Applied_Systems_Mobility.jpg

Still have questions? Download this document of frequently asked questions and ACN A-List overview.